Brokerage of dedicated range of goods.

Selection of suppliers and qualities: Most of our customers require certain grades and parameters depending on the final use of the end product. These requirements can be very individual. Cereal manufacturers do not use an oven. Therefore the microbiological requirements are different compared to the bakeries.  Specialty Brokers traces the right product from reliable sources where Sascha Hönig has a long standing relationship and rapport.  This will guarantee the right products for specific demands, e.g. GMO in linseed.

Import logistics: Specialty Brokers offers a network of specialists for customs clearance, professional shipment, storage and overall transport.  All this to the highest standards and according to food industry regulations e.g. HACCP, ISO. This might require cooperation with international recognized labs due to local Food & Safety Act.

Post-processing: According to food standards and regulations certain products e.g. Chinese pumpkin seeds still require post-processes like re-cleaning. In the unlikely event of damages during the transport (due to different climate zones) products can be affected negatively. Specialty Brokers offers a network of specialists that can either re-clean to upgrade the product or recondition the charge in order to control the damage (e.g. heat treatment) and offer a solution for both trading partners without jeopardizing the entire business. In case of claims Specialty Brokers can be helpful in finding a surveyor.