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Pumpkin Seeds

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Bakers have been refining their goods with pumpkin seeds for a long time. Recently, domestic "nibbles" from Austrian Styria, with the specially protected origin from the EU-defined cultivation area (PGI) have been in great demand. The brand-protected quality of aromatic pumpkin seeds is no coincidence: Already the basic product, the "Gleisdorfer Oil Pumpkin”, has the best reputation. The long-standing cooperation with our producing farmers is responsible and trusting. The result is a PREMIUM baking ingredient with very high nutritional values that even enables a "health claim".
A relatively new discovery is the use of pumpkin seed oil, which enhances bread and rolls even more intensively. With the wonderfully light-nutty and golden liquid pumpkin seed oil from Styria, a particularly aromatic bread can be created that enables it to stand out from the competition. For chain shops: BIRNSTINGL pumpkin seed oil is now also available in 10-litre GM canisters. In addition, retailers can also market the LEH bottle over the counter.
HERE is our product flyer + recipes. We developed the recipes together with a bakery. The baked goods / products are very good and sell successfully. Essentially, consumers acknowledge the health-related added values from the pumpkin seed baked goods, although they are produced with Chinese pumpkin seeds and do not or only partially fulfil these promises, depending on the quality (degree of ripeness) of the seeds. Basically, the Styrian nibbles are a "superfood" from the region! From controlled cultivation, harvesting to the finished raw material - all in one hand.