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market update No. 49-2024 new crop Eastern Europe sunflowers

2024-07-16 | Hot weather in East Europe changes the new crop estimate by 30 % down 

The new crop of sunflowers developed very well in May and June 2024. We saw a lot of rain, and the soil was very wet, but the sunflowers developed a short root of 30 – 40 cm because the water supply was sufficient instead of 100 cm or more.

market update No. 44-2024 update new crop sultanas and raisins

2024-07-11 | State of play on Turkish sultanas and raisins 

Our shipper conducted a wealthy development of the new crop vines. He forecasted an early start of the cutting process at the beginning of August 2024. The berries will be larger because of a small crop of 250.000 MT versus >300.000 MT in an average year.

market-update No. 39-2024 Oilseeds

2024-06-04 | EU council sets higher tariffs on Russian and Belarusian grain + cereals + oil seeds 

European Union trade ministers have agreed to impose prohibitive tariffs on grain and other agricultural products from Russia and Belarus from July 1.

market report No. 34-2024 turkish sultanas/raisins

2024-05-17 | New crop 2024 forecast for Turkish sultanas paints a bleak picture 

Recently, TMO sold its entire inventory of about 8.000 MT of old crop 2022 raw material, which was slightly below the market, with TRY 112,00 The Turkish packer and exporters bid for 70.000 MT. It shows how short the crop is. The offer is calculated to be USD 4.000,00 p.MT CFR MEP. 

market update No. 30-2024 Turkish sultanas

2024-04-23 | Turkish sultanas + raisins explode

Last week, we traded the sultana's old crop with USD 3.00,00 p.MT + the new crop with USD 3.300,00 p.MT FOB Izmir based on TRY 100,00 for the raw material.