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Teaser Logistik
Brokering of commercial transactions for a specific product range

Selection of suppliers and qualities: Most customers want very specific parameters and qualities based on the requirements of the end product and the intended use. These requirements are very individual, because a muesli producer, for example, does not use an oven as in the bakery trade. The requirements in terms of microbiology are therefore very different. Specialty Brokers selects suitable suppliers and products for the respective clientele. Here, Sascha Hönig can draw on his many years of practical experience as an importer. Specialty Brokers offers solutions to problems, current example: GMO linseed FP967/CDC Triffid.

Import logistics: Specialty Brokers provides a network of specialists for customs clearance, food-safe transports, and warehousing. The partners of Specialty Brokers work to the highest standards and have corresponding experience and references in the food industry (HACCP, ISO etc.). Specialty Brokers also offers cooperation with an internationally recognised laboratory. With this, Specialty Brokers' business partners ensure that the quality they require is already maintained in the country of origin.

Post-processing: Based on Sascha Hönig's import experience with various products from different countries of origin, we know that products in Europe sometimes need to be post-cleaned, such as pumpkin seeds from China. Furthermore, the GMO (genetically modified) problem with linseed has shown that only a few post-cleaning agents meet the special requirements of the food industry.
In the event of a complaint, Specialty Brokers offers a network of service providers who can post-clean, refine, heat treat, gas and make goods marketable again. Here, we can also assist in finding a surveyor.